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Gościniec Drumlin

Drumlin Lodge

Drumlin Lodge is an reproduced village farm-house in the form of heritage park where is a wooden inn with a reed roof, a wooden and the arcade cottage with a double-eaves roof covered with aspen shavings, an earthen building with shaving develop roof, an stable in the form of masurian cowshed, an grill covered with pine wedge-shaped boards, the traditional sauna and bowling alley, which is canopied of shelter covered with "dranica".

The Boarding House is situated in Udziejek Village in the hollow of Szeszupa, between Jaczniowka and Szeszupa Rivers and there is a view on moraine hills and Cisowa Mountain.

Driving into Udziejek which is situated in the centre of Szeszupa Valley, you can admire the panorama of northern part of Suwalki Landscape Park where are marvelous views.

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